A Reading Wishlist

CaptureReading is something that I find immense joy in. I’ve always been that way. Summer holiday’s of my childhood meant hours spent with library books; silent work time in class meant reading, I’ll do my homework later; and I was one of those nerds who worked in the library after hours in high school, shelving the British history novels according to the Dewey Decimal system. Yes, books have been a big part of my life and continue to always remain so.

A few friends and I recently put together our own little book club. It started with a shared love of books and a rather inebriated night of professing our love of Harry Potter. We agreed to spend the summer reading and discussing all 7 books (I’ve now read them 14 times…). With the end of the summer nearing, and my two friends returning to school, we agreed to continue on to new and exciting series of books after they get back into the swing of things University-wise. As an often bored train-commuter this gives me plenty of time to fit in many books on my list before the gang starts up again. These are a few books that I’ve been dying to read lately:

  1. The Girl on the Train – by Paula Hawkins. If you haven’t heard of this you’re living under a rock
  2. Go Set a Watchman – by Harper Lee. Another “big news” novel that’s been talked about for months.
  3. The Goldfinch – by Donna Tartt. Winner of a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
  4. Paper Towns – by John Green. Another much talked of novel. I loved The Fault in Our Stars so I have high hopes.
  5. Why Not Me? – another, what I assume will be hilarious book from Mindy Kaling comes out September 15th.

Do you have any book suggestions for me? I need help! Maybe I’ll provide a few reviews or thoughts and discussions once I’ve finished a few of these. Happy Reading my friends.



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