Mascara Revival

CaptureEver get towards the end of your mascara tube, knowing that there’s more in there but struggling with the clumpy remains? Fret not my dear friends, I have a trick for you. Don’t throw it out! We can save it using another simple product that most people have around the house! Eye drops!

Whether it’s the clumpy ends of the tube or you’re old mascara has gotten a little crusty, you  can simply use eye drops to revive your mascara. I understand the unsanitary consequences of holding on to your mascara for more than a few months, but I’ll admit I definitely drag out the life of the tube longer than I should. So when I’m reaching those clumpy, dry remains at the bottom of the tube I add just a drop or two of regular eye drops and give it a shake. It’s one of the only tricks out there that is safe to use on and near your eyes! And it’s such a great trick!

Save yourself some frustration and the extra cost of a new tube and revive your mascara.


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