Back to School: Dorm Room Decor


So it’s your first year of school and your moving into a dorm, or since it’s already Sunday chances are you’ve already been living in a dorm for about a week now. Depressing cement walls, sketchy carpet you won’t chance bare feet on, and florescent lights that give you a constant headache. Does that sound about right? Well, there are several things to do to cozy up the place and make it feel like home, at least for the few months you’ll be living there.

  1. Lighting: Turn off those florescent lights and don’t turn them back on. Get yourself a stand up lamp or a good desk lamp and make sure it can significantly light the room. Now make sure it’s got a good lamp shade on it and find a nice sheer scarf that you can throw on top for some nice dim lighting. Twinkle lights strung along the bed frame or across the wall is always a perfect touch as well.
  2. Walls: Create collages of pictures that remind you of home and friends. Find some great DIY pieces for your walls such as large letters, they’re so easy to make! Back to school time usually means poster sales on campus; find yourself some images that suit you, maybe some that are even conversation starters for new friends. Want something a little more luxurious? Try some wall tapestries.
  3. Scent: To me, the more comfortable spaces are those that smell good. Find a scent that suits you and that isn’t too over powering. If you have a roommate get their approval of course. Stay away from scents that might be common headache starters such as sweeter smells and vanilla, your new friends may appreciate it.
  4. Storage: Take advantage of those ‘back to school’ aisles of Walmart and Target where you’ll find great tote bins that can be hidden under your bed or racks that you can hang off the back of a door. Keeping your small space as clean and clutter-free as possible is key to a cozy space. And again, your roommate will appreciate it I’m sure.

How have you decorated your dorm room? Six years ago my four cement walls took a few days to make cozy but all these tips come from my own experiences and it wasn’t long before my small room felt like home!

Enjoy your new school year my friends!


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