The Autumn Wishlist


The days are getting colder, the leaves are turning, and the scarves and PSL’s seem to be out and in hand. That can only mean one thing, it’s FALL (and possibly that I’m surrounded by too many PSL drinkers….basic). FALL! My favourite time of year! Beautiful weather, beautiful colours and the best fashions of the whole year; as well as Thanksgiving and my Birthday, which happen to be on the same day this year! So with the coming of this new season, and the knowledge that my boyfriend awaits these wishlists with every coming gifting holiday, here is the Autumn/Birthday wishlist for this year.

  1. Danier Dahlia Lamb Leather Biker Jacket – I’ve wanted a leather jacket for as long as I can remember but never seem to commit to buying one. I believe it’s time.
  2. NailsINC NailKale in Burton Mews – Can’t be a new season without a new nail colour! Loving this dark forest green and can’t wait to try NailsINC’s NailKale range.
  3. Nikon 50mm f1.4 Lens – This is definitely staying on the wishlist. At over $500 I’m not willing to purchase it and I hope no one purchases it for me, seriously. I haven’t quite figured out if this is the lens for me so feedback would be welcome here my blogging buddies. Whats the best lens for photographing stationary objects and occasional OOTD? I could certainly use a new remote as well….hint hint
  4. Nikon Macro Light – Someone suggested an external lighting system for my camera to avoid the horrors of lighting issues, flash-gone-wrong, and just all around bad pictures. I love the idea of one that attaches to my camera rather than a stand up light.
  5. Matt & Nat Minka – I’ve been loving Matt & Nat vegan leather bags for a long time and I’m currently in search of a nice leather black bag. Although I feel guilty for the number of bags I have, I’ll still drool over this one for awhile.
  6. The Van Gogh Museum’s Colour Your Own Van Gogh – The adult colouring book craze is huge right now, even earning it’s own section at Chapters. I’m not sure I’m really into it, although I understand the soothing benefits and fun, but I’d love to colour my own Van Gogh’s! What a great idea!

Of course I’d also accept and love anything and everything from Sephora and as an adult and car owner I’m in desperate need of a detailing but don’t wanna pay for it. What have you been lusting over lately? With the coming of the new season and new fashions there’s bound to be a few things on your list! My Birthday countdown commences – T-minus 14 days!



  1. Happy pre-birthday! I love that green polish! Gah, it’s so good. I finally (finally) invested in a black leather jacket from Danier last year – I tried on a moto jacket that was so soft and gorgeous and I decided (like you) that it was TIME. I haven’t even worn it yet, but this fall weather is perfect for it… I can’t wait to break it out. It’s perfection (and the perfect gift!!) :)

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