Top 5 – September

FullSizeRenderThe time has come again for me to rant and rave about the 5 products that got me through the month. September was a bit of  whirlwind and flew past quicker than I cared for. But who can complain when the end of September means October is here! Birthday, Thanksgiving, scarfs, pumpkins! I love it all. But lets rewind to last month and take a look at what I’ve been loving.

The first is the Sleek Brow Kit which was specially delivered from Ireland by my wonderful sister. Looking quite similar to the ELF brow kit I didn’t really have high expectations, but this product is great quality, both the waxy filler as well as the brunette powder! My brows have been on fleek this month! I also decided to give the L’Oreal Blackbuster another go. When I first bought this product years ago I was sorely disappointed. It seemed to be all dried up and run out before I even got the chance to use it. But this time round I’m loving the product! Thick and thin lines with one simple swipe! Even cat-eye with the simplest of flicks. Loving it all.

Sticking in the amazing L’Oreal Infallible line I recently purchased and am OBSESSED with the Pro-Matte Foundation. The feel, the finish – I can’t explain my love of this foundation in a way for you to understand. You’d think I’d be used to these descriptions, but no….words have failed me. LOVE. Last but not least I picked three eyeshadows. Maybe quite similar, but all amazing shades and quality. They are the MAC Mystery, MAC Antiqued, and Stila Coco. I’ve been using these three non-stop and I will be bringing them all the way through October with me as well.

Bring on the cold weather, the Birthday celebrations, and the pumpkin pie!!! What have you loved this past month? What do you most look forward to with the coming of October?



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