H&M Beauty

FullSizeRenderThe Toronto H&M was annoying closed for a few weeks and has been under construction for months. I hummed, I hawed. Overall I was quite peeved. But when they reopened with a new H&M Home and H&M Beauty section all previous annoyances were forgotten and were replaced by complete joy!

H&M home has been something I’ve drooled and lusted over for years; attempted in vain to hide my jealousy of the UK shoppers. But H&M Beauty is a new H&M offering that, for once, Canada got to experience at the same time as those across the pond! That’s a first. So of course I had to get my hands on a few items and take a look at how they measure up. Of course I was comparing it to the likes of Topshop beauty, etc. So I had pretty big expectations.

And boy did it deliver!! I picked up four items. The first two were nail polishes in the shades Brickwork and Milky Tea. The wall of colours was so appealing I’m actually quite surprised I walked away with only two. At a price point slightly lower than the Essie or Orly polishes that I love, I’d say that these polishes are a great match to the price. Great colours and beautiful coverage with two coats lasting about 4-5 days chip-free! I even like the brush! Good job there H&M.

The next two products were much more random choices. After spending so much time staring at the nail polishes, I had limited my browsing time for the rest. I spent some time with the blushes and bronzers (the compacts alone are gorgeous) and walked away with a beautiful bronzer in the shade Sheer Tan, a perfect sheer bronze glow for this time of year. Not a harsh dark powder but more like an illuminating glow! I’ve been using it every day since! I also got a beautiful eyeshadow  in the shade  Russet Rose. I really couldn’t decide between on shadow or a whole palette (cause those are the obvious decisions you make, right?) But I decided to go for one shade I really had my eye on rather than a palette of six. This shade is another perfect one for this time of year. With a slight metallic shimmer, this rose gold auburn is absolutely perfect! And a great formula too. I did use a primer, but either way it was long lasting and stayed golden all day long!

Have you tried any H&M beauty products yet? I am absolutely smitten and I can’t wait to get my hands on more!


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