Lush Breath of Fresh Air


With combination/dry skin it’s really important to keep my face balanced and moisturized. With the coming of the colder months I find my face puckering the moment I get out of the shower; desperate for some sort of moisture in the harsh cold and dry environment. I’ve tried and tested many different daily moisturizers and toning waters including this, the Lush Breathe of Fresh Air Toning Water.

This cooling seawater based formula includes caarragern, rose absolute, and aloe water with soothing essential vitamins and minerals and is blended for smooth, balanced skin. It’s made for all skin types, but I definitely see the benefits more for those who have had their skin ravaged by the elements. Even though I don’t fall within that category, I definitely reap the daily benefits from this bottle. I simply spray it directly on my face right out of the shower everyday. I love the feeling of the toning water and I absolutely love the smell. It’s a necessary step to my daily routine to ensure my face is fresh and smooth all day! Wipe the excess away with a cotton pad for daily moisture, or leave on your face to tighten your pores.

My single qualm with this wonderful product is the spray. With other toning waters I’ve used the spray range covers my whole face easily, so only a spray or two are necessary. But with this bottle the spray is very direct and strong and rather than one spritz covering my whole face I need to use quite a few sprays for that range. In the end, since I use a cotton pad to remove the excess, I simply take a moment to use that cotton pad to spread the product around, so its not a big deal. The results are worth it!

So if your looking for something to make your face quickly feel moisturized in an amazing smelling fresh way, check out some of the Lush toning waters.


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