Life Lately #3


Let’s pick up where we last left off. As a recap of 2015: so far I’ve lost my job in a mass layoff that made front page news, spent three months unemployed and depressed as all hell, and found a new and amazing job that I thought I’d love. The summer started out really well. Working downtown Toronto in the heart of the city during a beautiful summer certainly was a treat. I’ll admit the commute was tough to get used to; an hour and a half each way. But I truly did enjoy the job to start. It’s a great company and a great project that I worked with, but after a month or two I realized it’s just not for me.

My degree in Art History really doesn’t prepare me for anything. I really wouldn’t change it or wish for a different university experience, although I do wish I’d prepared a little more for my future back then. But my experiences over the past two years have allowed me to dabble in marketing, sales, customer service and business development. So my position was perfect, allowing me to once again do a little bit of work daily in each of these fields. Sounds amazing, right? But I came to realize that it just didn’t interest me. I wished to excel in one field rather than dabble in them all. I needed something more to prepare me for my future, something that could set me up for a stable life. It was a stressful few weeks while I struggled to think of how to move on in my career.

So, I made a big, big life decision. My parent’s own their own business and have for 20 years. We’ve always talked about my taking over the business one day, but it seemed that many of those doors had shut for me over the past few years. But quicker than I can even fathom, and in the regular Coleen whirlwind way, many decisions were made and suddenly I’m quitting my job, giving my landlord notice of moving, and I’m working with my parents back in a field that I feel ‘expert’ in and with a future that is stable, promising, and will make us all happy.

It was a big decision for Corey and I. Currently we’re commuting a little far, and spending all spare time packing our house. With only two weeks left to moving out we’ve found a place but haven’t signed papers as of yet so I’m still a little high strung. There were a few moments when I thought we’d be homeless. So many changes this year and so many stresses. I know we have a little more stress coming, and few more things to get used to. But I know that 2016 will be an amazing year that brings joy and happiness to me and my family.

2015 has been a really tough year. I’d say maybe the toughest. But here’s to good changes and fingers crossed everything will work out!



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