Deep Down Brush Cleaning


Using dirty brushes on your face is like constantly using dirty dishes to eat off of. Not only is it absolutely disgusting, but it can also cause clogged pores and irritated skin and may possibly be the one thing missing from your skin care regime.

Not only will clean brushes be kinder to your skin under your makeup, but will also contribute to flawless execution in your daily makeup application.  There are many different ways to clean your brushes, and everyone has a preference, but it wasn’t until recently that I found a way that worked best for me.

I’ve always used warm water and a gentle soap to clean my brushes, generally a form of baby shampoo. But other than lathering the soap and cleaning the brushes against the palm of my hand I didn’t use any other tools. That is until recently a coworker of mine handed me the BrushEggan incredibly easy and affordable way to deep clean all brushes! Use whichever soap or shampoo you like for cleaning, then get started cleaning the brush against the egg. The smaller knobs on the top are great for foaming and lathering the soap while the longer grooves help to release the product, dirt and oils deep within the bristles without stripping them. It works amazingly on both large and small brushes, even if they have hard to release, dried on products; even waterproof liner and mascara!

The BrushEggs are only $8 online and are well worth it! My brushes have never been cleaner since being new and I’m in LOVE with the BrushEgg!

How do you clean your brushes?



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