Top 5 – November


It certainly seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve done this. Another month has whizzed past us quicker than I care for. But I’ve missed a few Top 5s over the past few months and I have quite a few favourites to catch you up on. So buckle up and bare with me for a sec here while I sort out my thoughts.

Now, as I’ve already packed up the majority of my belongings, and I’m moving in two days, I really only have the essentials left to photograph and talk about for you at the end of this month. But that’s okay since the essentials are always the most used and therefore easily the top products used in a month. If you’ve followed my musings and writings for quite some time now, you’ll remember the days of minimal makeup and early mornings back when I was travelling and working in the food industry. Well, guess what? After 9 months of dabbling in a different field I’m back in the food service game and back to those days of minimal makeup and early mornings. It has it’s pros and cons.

My first favourite over the past few months has been the Tarte CC Undereye Corrector , which I’m shocked I haven’t talked about more. I’ve been absolutely in love with this product. It really is a miracle worker for those dark under eyes. Keeping it simple, I’ve been making use of the Maybelline Brow Drama to define and tame my brows on a daily bases. Next, the hair. Although nothing beats my Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifying Cream, I’ve been using and enjoying the Marc Anthony Curl Defining Lotion for softer waves for my work days and early mornings. With the changing weather my skin has had trouble with some pretty harsh dryness so the Lush Breath of Fresh Air has been great to prepare my skin for the harsh cold and wind. And finally, with a mix of dry skin and tattoo healing I’ve been attached to my Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotionseriously, it’s been a lifesaver.

What have you been loving lately?


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