Blogmas Day 8: Holiday Makeup Menu with Pixi by Petra




Bold brows and gold eyes. That’s the way the holiday season is meant to be! Holidays, and the coming of new seasons, are always my favourite time to play around with my makeup and shake up the menu.

This season’s golden-eyed makeup menu is all thanks to Pixie by Petraa UK brand with a loyal following word wide after only 10 years in the business. The brand truly focuses on awakening your skin and your natural features for a glowing beauty! And that’s exactly what I’ve created here. I’ve used the Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Copper Peach. It’s a beautiful, travel friendly eyeshadow palette that, in my opinion, is perfect for the holidays. Shimmery golds, coppers and rose coloured shadows that really pack a punch. For a little extra coverage I wet the end of my brush before applying the shadows. This keeps the shimmer in place, but also layers the shadows much easier.

For the bold brows I’ve turned to the Pixi Natural Brow Duo in Deep Brunette. This is a double sided brow product. One side is a twist up brow pencil and the other end is a tinted brow gel. My favourite thing about it is the fact that the pencil is the perfect shape for precise brow application with a triangular tip. And bonus – it creates long-lasting SOFT brows. Not the crunchy, hard brows that you often get with gel products.

Pixi products were sold at Target in Canada (once upon a time) and had the chance to get my hands on quite a few bits and bobs. But with the closing of all Target locations I’m not sure where they can be found today. Good news is that the American website ships to Canada! Or stop by the Pixi flagship store next time you’re in London! I love my Pixi products!


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