Blogmas Day 9: Holiday Pinspiration

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I’ve been pinning up a storm! Do you follow my Pinterest boards? The holiday season is always a busy time for us Pinterest addicts; looking for holiday recipes, decorating inspiration, and DIY gift ideas. My favourite holiday ‘inspiration’ is always anything DIY for the holidays. Not only is it cheaper, but allows me to stretch my creative side and always looks so much more rustic and detailed; the little things that people notice.

Catching my eye in the realms of Pinterest this holiday season are the DIY Christmas gifts. Amazing ideas for those who are hard to shop for, those who you’d like to customize gifts for, or even those who you’ve waited till the last minute to shop for. Customizing gifts can be quite expensive, so why not take matters into your own hands and make them yourself? You don’t have to be Martha Stewart or even an avid crafter. All you need is a little bit of patience and a trip to the local craft store. Then the Pinterest boards will take you through it step by step. I’ve already created a few DIY Christmas gifts and I have a few more up my sleeve!

Whether your looking to decorate your house or table, amaze your friends and family with scrumptious recipes, or dazzle with homemade, rustic, and detailed gifts, Pinterest is the place to be this holiday season. So start clicking away and get Pinspired like I’ve been.

What are your favourite categories to browse on Pinterest?



  1. Pinterest can be such a dangerous place for me. I want to try all the Holiday DIY’s and I don’t have enough time. I love the three pictures you picked they look like they would be so much fun to create.


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