Blogmas Day 10: Favourite Holiday Films


The holidays bring people together in many ways, including snuggling up for some good holiday films. Many believe that Christmas themed movies are cheesy and lame, but ask any chick-flick movie lover or any fan of Chevy Chase and they’ll have a strong argument against that. I happen to fall into both of those categories so I have a few favourite holiday films to share with you.

The Chick-Flicks – Of course the chick-flick holiday classics are quite popular this time of year (even if Netflix doesn’t have a single one for my viewing pleasure). I binge watch holiday-themed chick-flicks every year and whether or not the line-up changes there are two that remain: Love Actually and The Holiday. Just such feel good movies.

The Cartoons – Everyone is a kid at heart during the holidays. Whether it’s sliding down the hill on a toboggan, or scalding your tongue on the hot cocoa, the holiday’s just make people feel like care-free kids again! That’s why I still love the cartoon Christmas classics such as Rudolph (you know, the one with the dentist/elf), as well as A Charlie Brown Christmas!

The Family Favourites – And then of course there are those classic Christmas movies that are neither children’s, nor or the sappy female persuasion. These are the family favourites and they include Elf, Santa Clause and Home Alone. No holiday movie fest is complete without these fun films!

What is your favourite Holiday film?


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