Blogmas Day 18: The Book Lovers Gift Guide


Today’s the last day of gift guides! You’ve got the pamper gifts, the luxe gifts, the budget gifts, the stocking stuffers, the boys gifts and now we’ll round it all off with the book lovers gift guide!!

You always hear me talking about Chapters when it comes to gifts. I truly believe that Chapters is a one-stop-shop kinda place. But first and foremost, of course, Chapter’s is a bookstore. One of my favourite places to browse and shop. I can almost always find gifts for anyone at Chapters, even if it’s someone I don’t quite know very well. Here’s how:


I start by thinking about anything I know about that person; do they like food? Cookbook. Do they like music? A cool musician bio. There’s literally books about everything out there! One of my favourite is finding the classics with new pretty covers, such as Pretty Women, Pride and Prejudice, or works by Charles Dickens.

I also think about what I’ve read and liked recently. A gift is even better if you can give it with a personal review! That’s what I’m doing this year with books such as Mindy Kaling’s new book “Why Not Me?” Hilarious and insightful from such a cute and bubbly hollywood heroine. Or others like Mindy’s first book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?,  “Yes Please!” by Amy Poehler, “Bossypants” by Tina Fey or even “Not That Kinda Girl” by Lena Dunham. All amazing books I’d recommend or gift to anyone!


Chapter’s also has amazing paper sections. Agenda’s, notebooks, stationary, etc. Such a pretty selection, even Kate Spade has joined the ranks of Chapter’s paper section. Take a look at some of the adorable 2016 calendar’s like the one I have been loving lately.


And my favourite lately, the colouring books. As you may or may not know, colouring has been a fad lately! And not just for kids! The adult colouring book will probably be one of the most popular gifts this holiday season! Countless hours of fun!

Wanna splurge a little? Check out the electronics section and give the gift of 1000 books with a Kobo! Amazing for your friends and family that like to travel, or for those who read a bajillion books a year, or at a time. Small and compact but fits up to 1000 books!

What are your ideas for book lovers?


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