Blogmas Day 20: Festive Holiday Nails


Only 5 days left till Christmas! All of my shopping is done, all of my wrapping is done. I have none of the hard work left to do! So it’s time to relax and enjoy the last little bit of the Holiday season and Christmas. Time to plan my outfit and paint my nails!

You’ve heard me rant about sparkle nail polish before. I hate it, with a passion. It looks amazing and is so festive and nice, but the removal is a b*tch and is really not worth the anger and frustration in my opinion. But, alas, it’s Christmas! And Christmas really is the perfect time for those shiny and bright, sparkly nails. If your nails can’t look like twinkle lights at Christmas then you’re not Christmas-ing properly. Right?

It doesn’t matter what kind of sparkles you go for, they’re all festive. My favourite is the Sephora by O.P.I Nail Colour in the shade Eggnog. It’s the most perfect rose gold/champagne coloured sparkles that are amazing on their own or layered on top of black or burgundy nail colours. After quite a few years of love I reached for it this season only to find a solid lump in a bottle. Sadly it’s no longer useable. So my gorgeous friend Laura (doing what friends do) didn’t miss a beat and automatically posed her hands without question as I snapped away at her lovely holiday sparkles. (Thanks  Laura!)

Laura’s holiday sparkles are BeYu Sparkling Top Coat, which she picked up on a recent trip to Germany. BeYu is a great German brand that develops products based on trends, colours and lifestyles spotted around the world! Truly is the brand of travellers! Check it out next time you’re there and add a bit of sparkle to your life!

What is your favourite holiday nail colour?



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