Blogmas Day 23: Meghan’s Holiday Birthday

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My wonderful sister has always had a slight chip on her shoulder when it comes to the holiday season; always self conscious about the holly-jolly festivities overshadowing her own big festive event – her Birthday. She may not take a hissy fit anymore (….or does she), but she certainly has a word or two and a piece of advice for all other holiday birthday havers. Do you have a holiday Birthday? Here’s what Meghan wants to share with you.

“Right now the world is full of festive joy and merriment. Everywhere you look, you can find holiday cheer and joy. This past month has been a long haul of gift shopping, house decorating, work parties, Secret Santa’s, and carol listening everywhere you look.

But there is one problem with all of this jolly holiday hullabaloo. My birthday is at Christmas; the 23rd to be precise. And Kris Kringle has stolen my thunder.

Birthday’s are the one time a year that you can be completely selfish. Look at me, I’m aging! But that’s just not the case at Christmas. Everyone is so caught up in the preparation of the sacred day that any unanticipated milestone goes unnoticed. As a child, I was always afraid that no one would come to my party (or I would have to host it in November or January). Christmas and birthday gifts were combined! As a 20-something (you wouldn’t expect me to give my true age) I’ve never had a night out in some fancy club with a cheap plastic tiara on my head and my girlfriends holding me up because I can no longer stand. I don’t know whether or not you can tell, but I’m a little bitter.

So in the ever-honest words of the Muppets: “There goes Mr. Humbug, there goes Mr. Scrooge”. I know that this is supposed to be cheery Blogmas, but I wanted to keep it real. I will always have a chip on my shoulder when it comes to Christmas and my birthday. So for all you poor souls with a holiday birthday, I feel for you. Happy birthday from me and may your special day not be overshadowed by the noxious festivities of the holidays.

Xox Meghan”

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