Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub


Want smoother, softer lips? Just like any other exposed skin in the winter, your lips can get rather dry and chapped. And just like any other part of your body that gets dry and chapped, it’s best to start with a good exfoliator before getting into the deep down moisturizing. But how do you exfoliate your lips without getting all that sh*t in your mouth? Easy! Make a lip exfoliator that you can eat! Enter the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, a delicious smelling and tasting scrub made of all fresh ingredients!

A perfect blend of fair trade sugar and oils with some great vegan colours and flavours thrown in. The great part is that the Jojoba Oils are also essential for moisturizing your lips! It starts the moisturizing process while exfoliating! Just put a bit on your lips and rubs your lips together. The coarseness of the sugar will slough off any dead or chapped skin and leaves your lips smooth and soft. The best part of it all? You can lick it off when your done! It’s 100% edible.

Now I’m not the biggest bubblegum fan, but rather than being incredibly sweet, this lovely lip scrub has a slip minty freshness that I actually really love! It’s a little bit like melting cotton candy in terms of texture and it’s quite fun!

Soft lips and a fun little treat! What are your favourite ways to keep your lips soft and smooth in the winter?




  1. I love the lush lip scrubs! I have the plain minty one from them, I wanted to get some of the Christmas lip scrub on boxing day but my local Lush had run out! :( Oh well, always next year! Also, I tagged you in the “beauty blogger award” nomination tag questionnaire thing. I think I thought of some pretty entertaining questions but you can decide that for yourself! Haha :) From one Canadian to another, merci!

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  2. I love their lip scrubs. I just ran out of my popcorn one this weekend and made one myself until I get a new one from Lush!


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