The Highlighting Brush



Everyone has a specific tool for a specific task. There are never any rules when it comes to being creative, even in the world of makeup. So when I couldn’t figure out how to best apply my highlighter, I broke away from my plethora of brushes and sought a new one.

My journey took me to a MAC Cosmetics store in which the brush selection was limited and minimal. In great customer service fashion, someone asked if they could help me so I asked about the brushes. Unbeknownst to me, apparently MAC Cosmetics locations only carry a limited number of brushes, whereas the MAC Pro Stores carry a ton of brushes. I wasn’t aware there was a difference. How silly of me….

Either way my Mac experience was awesome, just like every time I’m there. I got into a conversation with the makeup artists and I asked what he liked to use for highlighter. He suggested quite a few different options and was really helpful in describing what each brush would do for my highlighting needs. But I found myself even more confused! There were more than I thought. In the end we narrowed it to three categories: 1. Full coverage (Disco Ball), 2. Medium Coverage (Airbrushed Photos) or 3. Light Coverage (Fairy Dusting). We certainly had a fun time chatting.

In the end I chose the Fairy Dusting highlighting coverage. I’m not into full coverage makeup on a daily basis and I wanted something that I could use regularly (especially considering the price of some of the Mac brushes). I chose the Mac 137 brush. I soft, slightly bushy brush that has really long fibre. I learnt, and it makes perfect sense now of course, that the looser the fibre, the lighter the coverage. Obvi. I’ve been loving my light dusting of all my highlighters and I’m so happy I chose the Mac 137 brush.

What do you use for your highlighter? Dense brush? Fan brush? Which category of highlight do you fall into?




  1. Oh I didn’t know regular MAC store didn’t have a wide variety of brushes. That’s valuable information, thanks for sharing. I love to use a fan brush because I have oily skin and I use a light hand when I apply highlighter.

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