Get Ready for Super Bowl 50

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 7.32.44 PM.png

Declaration: I am not a football fan. But of course I get into the Super Bowl every year. Parties, game food, etc. Who wouldn’t love it? Total bandwagon jumper over here. And this year is even more special since Corey’s team (for which he admittedly has a greater love than he does for me) is in the game!! Although I never really care about the outcome, fingers crossed they win cause the aftermath in this house won’t be too pretty I’m sure. So if you love the Super Bowl and you celebrate, what do you do? Here are some of my thoughts on this year’s Super Bowl 50.

First of all, why isn’t the NFL using Roman Numerals for this year’s Super Bowl? According to some articles the NFL decided, for the first time in over 40 years, to use numbers rather than Roman Numerals due to the negative connotations that come with the Roman Numeral for 50 – “L”. Not wanting anyone to feel like the loser, or the bad juju that comes with an L on a score sheet, they decided to switch it to 50. Apparently for this year only, so look forward to those Roman Numerals back for Superbowl LI next year.

So how to we prepare and celebrate Super Bowl Sunday? Well first of all, as a non-sportsfan, I’m all about the Half Time Show. Who’s playing? I get myself pumped up a few days in advance by blasting their tunes – the same way I get pumped up for a concert. This year happens to be one of my all-time favourite bands, Coldplay. I’m incredibly excited to see what they have in store. They’re new stuff may not be as great as their old, but fingers crossed they break out some of the goodies. There is also always a surprise guest during the Half Time! The anticipation is killing me. Last year Missy Elliot blew us all away!

And the food. We all know that’s the real reason I ‘watch’ these games. Corey is a whizz at Nachos. Not just any nachos though. These come out only for special occasions such as big game days and seem to be a New Year’s Eve tradition for us. Layers upon layers of chips, cheese, meat, and all the other good stuff you can think of. I’m drooling knowing they’re just hours away! Then you get all the other game day grub like the wings, pizza’s, and anything else you want really! It’s you’re game day!

This year, seeing as Corey’s going to pacing the room and biting his nails down to bloody stumps, we’re not going to any parties nor having any friends round to ours. It may get scary in here so we’re going to limit the casualties. But going forward we’ve already decided to be the yearly Super Bowl hosts and I’m already pre-emptively party planning for future Super Bowl Sundays!

How do you celebrate and prepare for the Super Bowl?

I’ll just leave this here…..Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 7.34.36 PM.png


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