The Perfect Valentine


I’ve always thought that people stress a little bit too much about Valentine’s Day. Just like every other “Hallmark” Holiday, I see Valentine’s Day just like any other day. Sure it’s nice to do something special to celebrate your love (or lack thereof) but my hope is that your life is romantic enough that Valentine’s Day is not spectacularly different from the norm. Alas, that’s not always the case….so I digress.

What is your perfect Valentine’s Day date? Is it staying in? Going out? Corey and I now have a Valentine’s Day routine; the exact same thing for 5 years in a row. I know, I know, you’re going to say “Well how is that romantic”? But it’s absolutely perfect to me.

We start by cracking open a good bottle of wine and making dinner together. This in and of itself is something special to me since usually it’s just one or the other cooking. I love doing it together. We make the same meal each year as well – Pesto Chicken Pasta. Pretty much the best meal I can think of on this planet. But we change it up every year. One year we made our own pasta (disastrous when you don’t have a pasta maker or a rolling pin) and we love to make our own pesto too! Hmmm!!

We have a specific Valentine’s Day candle that gets lit as we tuck in to our homemade meal. Corey really surprised me with our first Valentine’s Day and it’s the same candle that we light once a year every Valentine’s Day – that’s romantic, right?! The smell is divine and sultry, kinda like a sweet pomegranate.

Then we snuggle in for a movie, my choice! So it’s usually something along the lines of Pride and Prejudice, Marie Antoinette, Atonement, or some other chicky kinda movie that is usually shot down any other day of the year! To me, that’s a perfect day.

See, it doesn’t have to be so different than any other day. Maybe just a day to set aside any other plans and spend it giving your full attention to your special someone. Put away your phones and technology and just BE together. There’s nothing more special than that.

What’s your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day?

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