Style Guide: Get The Look From “How to be Single”

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Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 5.22.44 PM

This past weekend I went out with some friends to see the new chick flick “How to Be Single”. Right on time for Valentine’s Day and tempting us with the ever funny Rebel Wilson, I decided to give it a go although it’s pretty much the opposite of my type of film. But aside from not being as stupid as I was expecting, I fell in love with Dakota Johnson’s character; the quirky attitude, the lost sense of self that is so easily relatable, and the laid-back yet hip sense of style! So I started thinking, how can I get that kinda look (and at a reasonable price)? Well, let’s see…

From left to right, in Canadian Dollars:

  • ASOS Glamorous Bright Floral Print Skater Tea Dress $62.02
  • ASOS FEARNE Two Part Sandals $50.53
  • FOREVER 21 Striped Cotton Tee in Red/Cream $17.90
  • H&M A-Line Skirt $29.99
  • ROSE GAL Long-Sleeved Turn Down Collar Solid Colour Coat $26.41
  • URBAN OUTFITTERS Isabella Buckle Ankle Boot $89.00
  • ROSE GAL Refreshing Style Houndstooth A-Line Women’s Skirt $16.73
  • ASOS Wrap Front Mini Dress with Long Sleeves $57.42

What do you think? Have I managed to capture the look? Want to see some other film-to-street looks, check out my previous “Get the Look” post here.


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