I Need Camera Advice


As a blogger I am embarrassingly ill-equipped in the photography department. I’ve always been quite self-conscious about my photo’s and every few months I pledge to spend more time and effort on what I consider to be the ‘face’ of any blog. I’ve even looked into taking some simple lessons. But all those attempts and what little skill I had managed to obtain recently went down the drain when my Nikon 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G lens kicked the bucket.

So I need help, and I’m putting it out to all of you lovely blogging buddies and camera loving friends. I’m completely open to getting a whole new camera as I think my Nikon D40 might be a little out of date, but it all depends on price point here. But I need some help with my shopping.

What are the best lenses/camera for a blogger such as myself? My photos are generally flat lays, but I would love to find an all-in-one kind of lens. Something that is perfect for my flat lays, but can also be used for some great face and full-body shots. So far my research keeps taking me back to the Nikon 50mm f1.4 lens and/or the Olympus Pen camera. I’ve found both at quite varied price points, but I think I just need to accept the fact this will be a pricey purchase.

What camera/lens do you use? What do you suggest?



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