Colour Correcting with Essence


Colour correcting seems to be the new trend in beauty lately. Initially a makeup artist and pro technique, colour correcting has now been made easy and accessible to everyone from pro to pre-k in the makeup world. I recently got my feet wet in the colour correcting world and now I’m ready to dive right in! But first let me give you my take on the Essence “Say No To…” Colour Correcting Concealers; the perfect budget buy to get you started!

Essence products frequently wow me. For such a low cost they really do pack a punch. For just $3.99 each I picked up all three of their new Colour Correcting Concealers – “Natural Beige” Say No to Imperfections, “Bright Rose” Say No to Dark Circles, and “Pastel Green” Say No to Redness. The crayon form of the concealer sticks make for incredibly easy application! Swipe, dab, or draw away your troubles! I apply these colour correcting concealers after I prime my face and before I apply my foundation. The colours perfectly blend in with my foundation, especially with a damp beauty blender!

Need some help with this new colour correcting fad? Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming with the amount of colours and products out there. Just think about it like your concealer. Easy way to start is picking a formula, do prefer powders or liquid form? Then pick your colours based on your correcting needs:

  • Green – reduces redness
  • Yellow – corrects dullness
  • Orange – hides dark circles and spots
  • Purple – balances sallowness
  • Pink – brightens dark areas

Now that I’ve given this colour correcting fad a test drive, I think I’m ready to dive right in! It’s a great way to create a flawless face! Got my eye out on a few out there from Urban Decay and NYX. What are your favourite colour correcting products?


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