Wishlist #12

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.40.51 PM

Shockingly I’ve managed to go about two whole months without buying a single makeup related item. Moving house in December along with Christmas shopping and a few family birthday’s thrown in made me cringe at my Visa statements. Totally worth it, of course, but I pledge to pinch a few pennies for a few months and attempt to diminish my stash of half-empty (or half-full) makeup items. And pinch pennies I have! But that doesn’t stop me from browsing of course! So here are the few items that I’ve had my eye on recently and will hopefully be adding to my cart soon!

Looking at it now I actually think this might be my most achievable and attainable wish list. I often put things in these posts that super interest me but that I know I’ll probably never buy. This time round I have every intention of picking up these beauties and I know where I can find them all!

  1. Make Up For Ever – Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation
  2. NYX – Lip Lingerie in Embellishment
  3. Anastasia Beverley Hills – Liquid Lipstick in Vintage
  4. Too Faced – Shadow Insurance
  5. Urban Decay – Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup
  6. MAC – Oval 6 Brush
  7. NYX – Colour Correcting Palette
  8. Tarte – The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer

What have you had your eye on recently? Anyone every tried any of these?


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