Empties No. 7


There is nothing more satisfying than squeezing the last drop out of a tube or bottle then stashing away the garbage to share with you months later. That’s what I live for! Yes, when you put that all together it sounds weird, but I truly think that using a product in it’s entirety is the best review you can give it; it was good enough to finish until the last drop. That’s why I love reading empties by other bloggers and why I love sharing some of my empties with you.

The last few months have seen an insane amount of sample sized products taking over my makeup drawers. As a result, so much of my pile of empties seem to be little tiny bottles that make me feel like a giant. I was desperate to finish to get them out of my life, but I was also pleasantly surprised at how fond I became of some of them. Fond enough to purchase the larger sized product and incorporate them into my daily routines. The sample sizes really do work on selling the product…well maybe I’m just a sucker for a good sample.

We’ll start with the big bottles, like the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion that got me through my fresh tattoo in the fall and the harsh weather of the majority of the winter. This is always my go to body lotion. Next we have the most recent shampoo and conditioner, and for once I finished them almost simultaneously. I’ve gone back to using the L’Oreal EverPure Volume Shampoo and Moisture ConditionerI really love the feel and sulfate-free formula of these shampoos and conditioners, but my real love stems from the amazing rosemary and mint scent. To die for! So relaxing. I also had a little sample of the GlamGlow Mud to Foam Cleanser which I’ve recently replaced with the full sized bottle. And then, the amazing Una Brennan Super Facialist Vitamin C Brightening Daily Scrub. I’m so in love with all Una Brennan cleansers and masks and this was no exception. It was glorious. Little harder to replace though.

Moving on to some of the makeup and smaller items we had some greats as well. The Smashbox Photo Finish More  Than Primer Blemish Control has been one of my favourite primers and this sample size really showed me that it’s something I’d like to add to my lineup. Yet the other empty primer here, the Benefit Porefessional primer definitely was not my favourite. It felt greasy and tacky at the same time and wasn’t what I looked for in a primer. With my early work days and simple-faces I quickly used up a bottle of the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation which has been in my arsenal a long time, but I think it’s time to move on. Two mascaras have bite the dust, both amazing as well. The L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara as well as the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara both of which I’d replace in a heartbeat.

And last but not least, two sample sizes of Clinique moisturizers. One was Moisture Surge and the other was Overnight Turnaround Moisturizer. I loved them both and decided I wanted to purchase the larger size but struggle so much to pick one. I decided on the overnight turnaround mask. Such an amazing coverage of moisture and I wake up feeling amazing. It really works!!

What have you used up till the end? Have you tried any of these products?





  1. Oh I love the drug store L’Oreal products. They have a similar effect as the salon L’Oreal brand for a great price!


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