Review – Nyx Colour Correcting Concealer



I’ve just started on this colour correcting fad and I’m obsessed. What used to be a pr0-tip from the makeup artists has recently become so accessible to everyone and their mother, from every brand out there! Heck, this is my second colour correcting post this month! But I just had to share my love of the new NYX Colour Correcting Concealer. 

My favourite part of colour correcting palettes are the fact that you have all your colour correcting needs together as one product, whereas many brands have introduced this new fad by retailing their colour correcting products as individual products. Have red spots, dark circles and dullness? Well then shell out about $90 seeing as most of these products are selling for $30 each! Finding a high quality product for a low price is the reason I love NYX.

This beautiful palette brings together all the colour correcting needs in one palette. Yellow for dullness, green for redness, purple for sallowness, red for brightening dark circles, orange for dark spots, and darker brown, which truthfully I’ve been using as a cream contour. It’s everything I’d ever need together in one palette which I purchased for only $17 at Shoppers Drug Mart!

I’m a big fan of the high end brands and a good ‘ol Sephora haul. But the amazing quality of brands like NYX always remind me that drug store can be just as good, and in some cases better. I’ve received many compliments over the past week that I look healthy and refreshed….NOPE it’s just a bit of my colour correcting magic with NYX!

What is your favourite colour correcting brand?


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