Review – Clean and Clear Night Relaxing Cleanser


As an early morning waker and a long hour worker I find solace in my nighttime showers. There is nothing better than standing under the hot hot water and letting the day just wash away. Plus, I really love the feeling of clean feet all tucked in bed. Is that weird? To help me unwind and relax I’ve added a new face cleanser to my nightly shower routine. It’s the Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Deep Cleaning Facial Cleanser and it smells soooo good!

With sea minerals and sea kelp extract I expect a beachy scent; you know, slightly salty? But it’s a soothing and sultry scent that really helps to wind me down and relax me. It’s quite thick and doesn’t really lather like other cleansers that I enjoy in the shower. But it works hard to clear away any impurities and grimy oils without drying out your face or clogging your pores! Another win from Clean & Clear! 

Now excuse me while I catch some afternoon z’s! How do you wind down after a long and stressful day? 


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