When You’re Desperate for a Change

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 10.44.11 AM.png

There are many times a year when my hair just doesn’t seem to look right, that my clothes don’t fit or look right and that I’m in desperate need of a change. It always seems to coincide with the changing of the seasons, so this year was no exception. As the cold weather starts to warm up a bit I’m in such a ‘blah’ mood and I’m in need of a change.

One of the easiest ways to perk me up is with a fresh new hair cut and colour. I tried this back in January by going to a well known Salon in Whitby, Valentino’s, but once again I had a horrible experience. They’re known for their quality styles and amazing customer service, but time and time again I get shotty work from stylists who don’t really know what they’re doing. And it costs me a fortune! So a few months ago I got a cut that really turned out to be nothing…lacking in any sort of style. But I also tried some colour….which washed out the next day. After calling to complain I was told I’d hear from the manager in a few days…..It’s two months later and I’m still waiting. Not a very good business if you ask me. I won’t be returning.

I need a cut and I need a colour. I’ve struggled with the fact that I went grey at 19 and it’s a constant upkeep. It’s embarrassing sometimes and I get so frustrated and down on myself.  How the heck does a 19 year old go grey?! Now I’m almost 25 and I’m still struggling to deal. So I’m in desperate need to find a new place. I’m always weary and have a hard time putting my trust in new stylists. Now that I’m living in Richmond Hill I’m much closer to the city so I think my options are much more open. Anyone know any good salons?

I’m also looking to grow up in my hair styling techniques and maybe stop going for the natural look for often. Time to chuck my 11 year old CHI straightener and invest in a new one. Any suggestions?


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