Make A Group Trip To The Beach Less Stressful and More Funfilled!

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Organising a trip to the beach with a group of friends can be pretty stressful. However, panic not. Maybe you’re taking friends, colleagues or a whole bachelorette party. No matter the group you’re taking, there are some foolproof ways to make it manageable. Read on to find out what they are.

Make sure nobody gets burned

While it is not your responsibility to be the sunscreen police, do keep an eye on your group’s shoulders and noses! Send out a group text a couple of days before you set off reminding everyone to pack their sunscreen. Let them know what the weather forecast is also saying, so they can get the right SPF. Look at places like for tips if anyone does go an unsightly shade of lobster! Dealing with it sooner is better than dealing with it later. You don’t want anyone to have to miss a day of fun because they’re so sore and red.

Travel together

If you live far away from a beach, you’re going to need to arrange travel there. It can be tempting to leave everyone to their own devices when it comes to booking this, but this can spell disaster. People will end up arriving and leaving at different times, and everyone might pay a different amount. Hiring a charter bus big enough for everyone is far more sensible. First off, it keeps you all together. Second of all, it will probably make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable. Divide the cost equally between everyone who has a seat and you might find it’s more affordable than you’d think. Do also bear in mind that charter buses come with luxuries that most trains and planes don’t, like widescreen TVs and even mini-bars. If you head to a popular beach destination like Florida, you can book your bus online. Browse sites like to find the best deals and the right size.

Be prepared to make final decisions

This point goes for whether you’re planning a trip to the beach or a trip to the moon! When you’re planning group trips, you’ll want to consider everyone’s opinion equally. This goes for things like where you’ll stay, what games you’ll play on the beach, etc. Letting everyone chip in ideas is fine. However, if you can’t come to an easy agreement, you will have to take charge. Be brave enough to make a final decision on behalf of everyone. If you let it drag on forever, availability will dwindle and prices may rise. While there might be some initial moaning, they’ll be glad you took the initiative further down the line.

Make alternative plans

The weather can be very predictable in some beach resorts. However, you can’t count on it being this way 100%! Sometimes, freak weather occurs that nobody expected, not even the experts. Even if this is just a bit of rain, it can put a real dampener on beach plans- literally. Make sure your trip isn’t ruined by planning alternative activities too. Monitor weather before hand with sites like

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