Life Lately #4

Let’s pick up where we last left off. You may have noticed from many of my posts that my life has been stressful and hectic, yet I’m really doing nothing but working. From my previous “Life Lately” posts you will know that I started a new job back in November and moved across the GTA to live closer to the city. And after 5 long months, with really nothing else occupying my time but work, I thought it was time for another check in. It’s crazy how fast time is flying. It seems like it stands still some days, especially when I work 12 hour shifts, but I’m truly amazed that it’s already April! Reflecting back, I’m ashamed that I’ve done nothing and achieved nothing so far this year. There are just not enough hours in the day.

So with a lack of updates from the past few months, it’s time to look forward, for there is a lot coming up within the next year. My life has seemed so transitional and hectic for the past year, maybe even a bit longer. Nothing seems to be settling. Every time we seem happy something big seems to change. We’ve lost jobs, started new jobs, moved a large distance, been happy, been unhappy, and coming up over the next 8 months we are basically looking at nothing but work work work and another move coming as our landlord just informed us we can only stay until November. It’s just one stress after the other.

We’ve been trying to adult ourselves; looking into house prices to move on with our life and settle with an investment. I almost threw up when I found a one bedroom, one bathroom, semi-detached for sale down the street that was ¾ of a million dollars?! Are you effing kidding me? I was listening to the radio recently and there was a study done saying that our generation doesn’t find home ownership as important. NO, that’s not it. It’s that we realize we’ll never be able to afford a home so we’ve given up on that dream. Fortunately I’m in a stable job and won’t be looking for another job again, but unfortunately that job will keep me in the GTA for life, struggling to afford rising house prices and attempting to find investments elsewhere I guess.

Maybe I’m trying to grow up too fast. I’ve got plenty of time to sit tight, work my butt off, and save all the money I can. We all just want things so quickly, don’t we. Maybe I can think a little smaller? Like a vacation? That’s doable right? Something to pick me up from this mood that’s been hanging heavy over me for the past three months. Life lately just moves so fast. I haven’t had a chance to stop and appreciate all that’s around me.

What have you been doing lately?


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