Give Yourself A Perfect Finish With These Essential Style Guides

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Have you ever had one of those moments in the office when you realize you forgot to do something that morning? Perhaps you forgot to paint your nails, or your earrings are still sitting on your dresser? It’s really easy to forget or just run out of time to create that finished look we’re all after before we step outside the house. And sometimes, we just can’t figure out what’s missing at all! Check out these style guides to give you the polish and finish you want for that perfect look:


There are so many times when there just isn’t time to apply makeup as carefully as you would like. For a beautiful, finished look, you need to apply several layers to each of your main features. You might start with a blemish balm or foundation. This can take time to smooth into the skin if you’re a little dry as well. Try to apply cleanser, toner and moisturizer to your face before you start if you can.

Once the BB cream is looking good, you might tackle the eyeshadow. To shape the shadow to your contours, you’ll need at least two shades. When we’re busy, we’re lucky to brush one over the lids! If you use eyeliner as well, this takes patience and a steady hand. Eyebrow filling is another job that takes a few minutes more than you might have in the morning. A good mascara should be a quick and easy brush wand applicator.

Not everybody needs a brush of blush, but it can help create a great finish to your look. Lip liner is handy for avoiding a smudgy look when you’re in a hurry with the gloss. Finally, you can add a soft powder finish, and you’re done. It’s worth taking the time and trouble for that gorgeous finish. If it’s done right on the first application, there is more of a chance it will stay looking good all day.


Most of us love to adorn our outfits with those finishing touches and accessories. You might be into scarves right now. There are so many different ways to tie a scarf that can change the whole style of your outfit. Belts can be used in the same way. Wear it loose for a more casual and feminine look. A higher placement can help shape your body into a more pleasing contour.

Jewelry is another essential when you are trying to create the perfect finish for your outfit. It adds a touch of finesse and a lot of shine! For some inspiration about where to wear your favorite silver pieces, have a look at the ELF-925 website. You don’t have to spend a lot on glamorous jewelry to create a great style. Earrings help to frame the face. Rings will lengthen your fingers and toes. And bracelets will help create a very feminine finish to the sleeves of your top.

Hats and handbags are two accessories that most of us have in abundance. Picking the right one for the outfit can be more of a challenge than you think. You could match color, or you might be more concerned with the size and shape. Hat shapes can often match the hemline of your skirt. If you’re wearing pants, think about the cuff of the leg. Handbags or purses can be chosen to contrast the hat and outfit, or may be selected to match your accent color.


We’ve all suffered from bad hair days. But even when your tresses can’t be tamed, they can be carefully presented to create the right finish for the look you want. Hair that is refusing to behave is often tied back. This shouldn’t feel like a compromise but an opportunity to try something new with your style. Messy buns, high ponies, and even plaits can look incredible with a wide variety of outfits. If in doubt, get the curling iron out and create some structure and shape to your hair.

Don’t be afraid to dress your hair with accessories. Decorative clips, bands, and even flowers can help finish off the style you’re trying to achieve. Perfecting the look you want might just be a matter of getting the hair right. If you’re really stuck for ideas, why not try some interesting clip-in extensions to accentuate your natural look?

Finishing your look to perfection does take a little time, tenacity and patience sometimes. We don’t always have that time first thing in the morning. But it can be worth getting up twenty minutes early to add those little touches that give your look the shine and glamor it deserves.

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