Dress with Attitude: Making Meaningful Wardrobe Choices

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We all have days where we simply throw something on and head out the door. For some of us, those days are more often than not. We should all feel like our clothing is comfortable, convenient, and suitable for our daily lives. But what about when we want to make those decisions meaningful? Clothes are a daily part of our routine and no matter how we feel about that, they will always remain so. Doesn’t it make sense to make it mean something? They can reflect our personality, for example, and help us to truly express ourselves. We all know that clothing can be important for the impression we create to others. But it can have an impact on the way we feel in ourselves too. Clothing choices can also reflect our values too depending on whether we choose fairtrade or recycled materials from time to time. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to make your clothing choices more personal and meaningful, try the tips below.


The jewelry we wear can be far more than just pretty twinkly things. It can be a subtle expression of our history and qualities. We might choose our birthstone as a gem, for example. Or we might want to wear a kind of crystal that is reputed to bring a certain energy into our lives. It might not be your personal view. But there are many cultures that emphasize the significance of stones and crystals for creating positivity. Colored stones can also bring out the beauty of our own coloring and skin tone. For something truly meaningful, we might even wish to wear something that was a family heirloom or belonged to a loved one. Specialized jewelers are now making diamonds from ashes, so wearers can feel that their loved one is always with them. Jewelry may be a fun and attractive accessory. But we can also use it as an extension of our own history and personality.


The colors we wear can affect whether we’re making the most of our hair color and skin tone. Liking a color is definitely reason enough to wear it. But if we want to enhance our natural features with color, we should pay attention to undertones and the color wheel. If we have a warm or golden undertone to our skin, we might suit shades with a similarly warm tone too. Deep reds, burnt orange, gold, khaki and other hues. If we have a cooler pink or bluish undertone to the skin, our skin could be flattered by icy blues, greys, and pale pinks. There is always room for maneuver, of course. But finding the shades that suit us can be meaningful for the way that it will save time. Whatever item we wear, if it’s in a flattering shade, we will always look fresh and put together.

Many of us don’t think twice about where our clothing has come from. But more people than ever before are choosing clothes with an origin they respect. It can range from supporting fairtrade producers or local suppliers. It might simply be that you want to invest in quality over quantity and so carefully check the label. Knowing the origin of our clothes and being comfortable with them can make our choices truly meaningful.


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