A New Look| Blue and Gold



The beauty world is full of highlighting, glowing, strobing, and everything shiny and glittery. But what to do for those of us who prefer the slightly more smokey look? How to get the glow and the smoke at the same time without being too over the top? So I tried my hand at a smokey/glittery/halo eye. Nothing better than experimenting –

So, how is it done? Basically a ton of eyeshadow primer and a heavy hand with the brights. I used my ELF Eyeshadow Primer and grabbed my MAC 217 to smoke out the shade Danger from the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette on the outer and inner corner of my eyes. Then with even more primer and a heavier hand I created the perfect shimmery halo glow in the middle of my lid with the shade 1987 from the same palette. Then blend, blend, blend.

What do you think? I feel that I’ve appropriately achieved the perfect halo eye that is still smokey and dark. Perfect for basically any occasion I’d think. Stay tuned for many more “New Look” posts – time to step it up my friends.


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