Bloggers Made Me Do It


When your main hobby is watching YouTube and reading blogs, you’re bound to be influenced by bloggers. The majority of beauty items and products that I purchase have definitely come from highly recommended sources. But that’s the beauty of the internet! Instant product reviews at your fingertips; they basically make the decision for you, no?

I may still hum and haw over many of the purchases, but I need to share with you a recent one that no second sober thought was given to. It was basically instant; review watched, product purchased. SNAP. It happened so fast I didn’t even realize what was happening. But I think I basically just found my favourite lipstick and lip-liner ever….so it was worth it.

It’s MAC’s Mehr Matte Lipstick with the lipliner SoarAnd I owe it all to two of my all-time favourite bloggers! My brit girls Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily PebblesThey rant, they rave,  I buy. Good job girls. It’s like they know my colours better than I do myself. I’m so in love. Be prepared for this combo in all pictures for the foreseeable future!

What is your favourite blogger recommended purchase?



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