Helping Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend Plan His Proposal

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Sometimes, our best friends’ get engaged out of the blue! It comes as a wonderful surprise, and we’re in awe of the guy for his incredible planning and execution!

However, at other times, you might just be called upon by the hopeful groom-to-be for some help. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or not, he might decide he is ready. So, if the call (or Facebook message!) arrives, here are a number of ways you can help him plans the most incredible proposal for your best friend. After all, she’d do the same for you!

Help him plan the perfect… venue

Your best friend probably won’t say no if the venue isn’t right. But it may tinge her memories of the occasion, and not for the better. The perfect engagement venue is a lot about the person. If your friend is quite shy, she may not appreciate something out in public, or a busy area. If she is super close to her friends and family, she may find it extra special if it happens when they are there. Remind the guy of these things. He might not have considered them himself. Help him weigh up the benefits of different possible venues. For something a bit glamorous, how about a restaurant with amazing views? Or for something a little more rustic, how about a surprise picnic in a clearing in the local woods or forest?

Help him plan the perfect… ring

It may be that your best friend has dropped some very heavy hints about the kind of engagement ring she would love. With wedding bands, couples often buy these together. But with engagement rings, whether with or without guidance, the groom-to-be is sometimes left to his own devices. Make sure your best friend isn’t lumped with a ring she doesn’t truly love. Offer some advice as to what you think she would like. You could even offer to go with him to some shops and take a look together. Alternatively, the joys of the internet mean you can do this a little more covertly, and look online. Encourage him to do his research first into different materials and what different budgets pay for. You can also learn more here about different companies and how well they fare when reviewed independently.

Help him plan the perfect… speech

Yes, he might fluff his lines, and yes, she might not remember a word he said anyway. But it’s always good for the guy to have a little speech prepared. Of course, if he wants to just drop to one knee and say ‘will you marry me?’, this is fine too! But if he wants to say a few words before hand, help him put these together. Mentioning why he loves her, and why he wants to spend the rest of his life with her is always a good start. Remind him to take his time and not rush it. The moment should be savored! However, let him know that if he forgets everything he wanted to say, or if something else comes to mind, this is fine too!

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