Seeing Clearly with Burberry

DSC_0186DSC_0180As a kid i longed to be able to wear glasses. Some friends had some cool ones, my sister got to wear glasses, and I thought it would be something kinda cool to set me apart. I longed for my optometrist to sigh and say “yes Coleen, you’re in need of glasses”. But alas, they did not. Looking back now I realize I certainly didn’t need something else to set me apart. From my less than coordinated styles, to my tomboyish and bookish ways I certainly wasn’t in need of any more ammo for those classmates of mine – boy were they mean sometimes.

It wasn’t until my third year of university that I realized I just couldn’t see the board as well as I used to. I’d leave lecture squinty-eyed with my head pounding; I’d have a headache more often than not. So my glasses journey began. I set myself on track (with the help of a professional of course) with a pretty small prescription in a cute pair of tortoise-shell brown square frames. The prescription was soon increased and I unfortunately bent the frames (probably sat my fat arse on them). So that’s when I got my new Grand Occhiali frames. I loved  the boldness and the pop of colour I got with both frames, especially when I was wearing such a dull uniform at work every day.

Yet, again, last Fall I had such intense headaches; they’d actually make me sick. At this point I’d moved and it was time to find a new optometrist. Low and behold he told me that my glasses were three times to strong and that I basically didn’t need them! What? Yet I kinda gave into it, I was bored with my glasses. So I went 4 months without, but I struggled with driving. So finally we figured it all out and into my life popped these amazing Burberry glasses. I only where them for driving, the cinema, etc. but I finally feel like I have a pair that actually suit me and represent me in frame form. Aren’t they the sweetest?

And I can finally see headache free! What do you think of these Burberry frames?

My glasses were purchased at A.B.See Optical in Collingwood Ontario! Take a look!!


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