5 Ways To Ease the Ageing Process Inside and Out


When it comes to discussing ways to ease the ageing process, many products and gurus focus on the external signs of ageing. You will see and hear endless comments about wrinkles, crow’s feet and poor pigmentation. However, if you don’t feel good, then what’s the point in a smooth face? In a quest to hold back the hands of time, you need to look beyond the surface to find solutions.

  1. Lesser-known supplements

You will see a wide variety of products marketed to those wishing to halt the ravages of time. Most common are items such as cod liver oil and multivitamins. These have their benefits, but to be truly in charge you need to expand your repertoire. One of the foremost causes of wrinkles is a loss of collagen, a vital protein that helps skin keep its elasticity as we age. Collagen can be supplemented in powder form. Not only does this benefit skin ageing, but it also helps protect your joints and keep you supple.

  1. Bring fitness and nutrition together.

A holistic approach is always going to have the best effects when it comes to managing your issues as you age. There is no point honing your fitness levels if you’re going to then eat badly. Ensure everything you do is designed to compliment one another. If you’re not quite sure how to manage this yourself, you have various options for assistance. You could consult a nutritionist, look at a system like Cenegenics or discuss with a friend. When you’re working in tandem with these twin branches of healthcare, results will be far more apparent.

  1. Know what to avoid.

Sun exposure is healthy in small doses, as it helps bring up Vitamin D levels in the body. However, too much and your skin will pay the price. Try to avoid, wherever possible, heavily trafficked areas. The pollutants in exhaust fumes will age you just as fast as those in cigarette smoke. Furthermore, no one is saying the occasional glass of wine should be denied entirely, but limit your intake. Mitigate the impact by ensuring it’s always balanced by drinking plenty of water. Alcohol dehydrates your entire body, so replenish anything you’ve lost.

4. The importance of sleep

The way you sleep at night has a lasting impact on your overall health. Aim for seven hours per night, ideally rising and going to bed at the same time each day. Your natural circadian rhythm will become more disturbed as you age, but practicing good sleep hygiene will make a big difference. What’s more, what you sleep on can have an impact. Silk pillowcases may be expensive, but they help to lessen the impact of sleep lines on your face that can become wrinkles. Besides, who doesn’t love a bit of luxury?

There is no foolproof method that is going to reverse the ageing process. It’s a part of life, but not one that you need to accept without question. By employing some of the methods described above, you can ease into your golden years without being dropped into them with a thud.


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