Getting Married Abroad? Some Things to Consider


There are a number of perks that come with getting married abroad. The weather is often better, the surroundings are more luxurious, and you can start your honeymoon straight away. Depending on where you choose to get married, it could also be far cheaper than getting married at home. With benefits such as these, it’s not hard to see why so many couples choose to get married overseas. But like any other wedding, getting married abroad requires plenty of planning beforehand. So if you want to tie the knot in a foreign land, here are some common mistakes you need to avoid at all costs.

Thinking all of your guests will attend

You understandably want as many of your loved ones to be in attendance at your wedding. But asking your guests to travel long distances is not something they can always commit to. They might be unable to get time off work or organise child care. Some of your friends and family may not have enough money for flights and accommodation. So don’t feel too disheartened or upset if some of your guests are unable to make it. Remember to send out your wedding invitations in plenty of time to give your guests time to make the necessary arrangements. This should increase the number of people who can attend. Visit the Pure Invitation wedding invites or head to a stationary shop to organise your invites sooner rather than later.

Forgetting about the weather

Even though you are getting married abroad doesn’t mean you will necessarily get the glorious weather you desire. Even some of the most exotic destinations experience torrential rain and storms. So overlooking the weather forecast is a big mistake that could ruin your big day. Use weather forecast websites and apps to help you and your guests stay informed as your big day draws nearer. This will help you plan ahead and gives you time to make changes if you need to. You might be able to hire a marquee or change the time and location of your reception last minute. Even if the weather predicts fantastic sunshine, make sure you provide water, sunglasses, and parasols. This will help your guests stay comfortable.

Not contacting the embassy

The embassy of the country you have decided to get married in will have their own terms and paperwork you need to complete. These documents legalize your marriage. Even though they are vital, many couples forget to complete them. Ideally, you should contact the embassy at least two months before your set wedding date. This will give you time to read through the paperwork, complete it and send it back. You may also need to seek legal advice to have these documents certified by a solicitor. All of this can take time so do your research by visiting the relevant embassy website. You could also hire a wedding planning is your desired country to help you.


Getting married abroad is an incredible experience that is bound to be special for you and your partner. So don’t let it be ruined by these mistakes. Plan ahead and make your overseas wedding the spectacular event it deserves to be.


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