Laser Hair Removal – Worth The Money?


There is nothing more annoying that not being able to wear that cute dress or throw your swimsuit on for a spontaneous swim due to the fact that you haven’t shaved. It’s not TMI ladies, it’s just bare bones fact. Everyone shaves, and everyone hates the hassle. Not only is it just annoying, but it also has to be well-time depending on outfit choices, weather, and daily activities. It’s uncomfortable and irritating but it’s something that must be done. Unless you try the alternatives like I did; laser hair removal – so is it worth it?

You can do all the math of how much money you’ll spend on razors, shave cream, waxes, etc. in your lifetime to figure out if the price is worth it. But forgetting about the price, my main concern is DOES IT WORK? Are you going to spend the money and never have to spend any money again? After 6-8 sessions you should be able to permanently put down that razor and be hair free! But that is not always the case.

I had 16 sessions of laser hair removal in several parts of my body – really no need to share.  I did the initial 8 sessions and waited about 6 months before I went back to my technician and showed her that it really hadn’t worked as I had hoped. It was a little better; my hair grew back slower and thinner, but it still wasn’t what I had hoped for. So I begun another 8 sessions. The pain really isn’t as bad as people may say. The laser burns individual hair follicles with a little tiny zap and sharp feeling. The worst part is the slight smell of burning hair. But I guess now after getting two tattoos I’d say the laser probably hurts more. But it’s over so quick and there is absolutely no pain or recovery period afterwards.

But still to this day, after 16 treatments, the laser hair removal didn’t work for me. I still need to shave each and every time I want to wear shorts or sleeveless tops. I still spend quite a bit of money on shaving supplies. And I’m still incredibly self conscious any time I forget to shave. So….overall, I think a complete waste of my money. Like I said, it did make a difference. I used to be in pain after shaving and would break out in horrible rashes everywhere. It’s a little easier now. But definitely not the way it should now.

Now thats just my story. I have many friends and family members who have had 100% success with the process. So I’m really not sure why it didn’t work for me. I’m not even quite sure what to suggest to those who want to try it. I’d say give it a go, but there is now way of telling whether or not it will work – and it couldn’t turn out a waste of money.

What do you think? Have you have any laser hair removal experience?



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