Hidden Gems For Travellers to Kuala Lumpur

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I’ve never been to Kuala Lumpur, but boy is it high on my travel list. From helipad bars to Broga Hill, the national capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, offers a host of sights for every traveller. Below is the ultimate list of secret hidden gems in the city which will be a must-see on your adventure.
1.Pat the animals at the Farm in the City.

The Farm in the City is just like a traditional petting zoo, but in the centre of the biggest metropolis in Malaysia. Go giddy for all the animals in this zoo at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. From donkeys to tortoises, this trip is perfect for the whole family.

2.Sip a Cocktail at Heli-Lounge Bar.

What could be better than having an ice-cold glass of wine or beer on top of the world? Perhaps even on a helipad?

The incredible views from the top of the Bukit Bintang are the best you’ll find in Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur hits back at standard “health and safety” regimes by refusing to have a safety barrier on this helipad-come-nightclub. That means that you’ll have to be a little cautious as you will be 36 storeys high with no protective barrier surrounding the helipad. But the unrestricted views will be worth it – if you can stand the vertigo.

3.Tackle the Climb up Broga Hill.

When you’re tackling this terrain, it may feel more like a mountain than a hill, but it’s worth the thigh burn for the spectacular views!

You’ll find the hill scattered with Malaysian locals who come here to escape the city air and take a breath in countryside.

Top tip: tackle the climb in the early hours of the morning for the very best views of sunrise.

4. Spend the day in Kuala Lumpur’s City Centre

The modern KLCC district is a must-see for any tourist. Tourists tend to flock to the Petronas Towers for a wonderful view of the city, but you can view them by going up one of the surrounding skyscrapers.

5. Splash with the family at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

The traveller’s choice hotel in Kuala Lumpur also offers a theme park that will be loved by the whole family.

The Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, known as the Waters of Africa, has the world’s largest water ride called The Vuvuzela. This is sure to keep the kids entertained!

6. Wow at the Street Art in Shah Alam

Only fourty minutes from Kuala Lumpur town centre is the fascinating streets of Shah Alam. The amazing modern art is a collaboration between students in Kuala Lumpur as part of the Zon Bersih programme. Known as ‘The Street Art Project 2.0’, the objective of the project is to give the residents of Shah Alam an appreciation of artistic talent.

7. Grab some dumplings in Chinatown.

If you love Chinese food and good architecture, this is a place you’ll have to drop by when you visit Kuala Lumpur. A favourite foodie spot in KL, Petaling Street is the main shopping street in Chinatown which is filled with lovely building dating from the 1920s. If shopping isn’t your thing, explore the Chinese and South Indian temples dotted around the area

8. Head to the National Mosque.

No visit to Kuala Lumpur is complete without a visit to the National Mosque. Get the local transport system to the west of the city centre and find the large mosque. Thousands of worshippers come here every Friday to pray. You’ll be able to grab a free tour from one of the many volunteers at the mosque.


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