Hidden Gems for Travellers to Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places to visit in the world. There’s an abundance of things to do, whether you’re a thrillseeker, gambler, food lover, or shopper. However, there are a few things many people still don’t know about Vegas. It’s so much more than the seedy underbelly of gambling paradise people seem to think it is! Here are some of the best kept secrets about Las Vegas:

‘Holes In The Wall’ And Free Food

Las Vegas has plenty of little tips and tricks. You can even get fed for free! If you head over to a place called ‘The Queen’, and order a coffee, mention the special. You’ll get a free French toast breakfast! There are lots of little things like this you can do in Vegas to get special service and free stuff. Even if you can’t find anywhere to get food for free, there are so many places you can get a delicious meal. Mr Lucky’s at the Hard Rock Hotel does the best Eggs Benedict you’ll ever eat. If you’re staying in the same hotel, you may even be able to get a discount on your food. Everybody knows that holiday accommodation defines your vacation differently, so make sure you stay in the right place for you. Look out for ‘holes in the wall’ too. Some of the best places don’t even have signs outside!

See Some Real Live Music

A lot of people who visit Vegas focus on the huge clubs and DJs that play here. While they are great, if you prefer real live music, you can see that too. Head to a place called Bunkhouse Saloon, and you’ll find a dive bar turned music venue with an amazing sound system. If you like cheap drinks and a bit of a trashy atmosphere, you’ll love this place!

Level 107 Lounge

The Stratosphere hotel and casino has a lounge that offers not one, but two happy hours. The first is at 4pm, the second at 10.30. What floor is it on, you ask? 107, of course. In fact, it’s one of the only bars in Vegas that offers drink specials on a Saturday. The other great thing about this place, is that you have incredible panoramic views of the city, and can even see bungee jumpers braving the 107 floors!

Krispy Kreme Happy Hour

Not only can you get a drinks happy hour, if you’re in the right hotel at the right time, you can even find Krispy Kreme happy hour! They are just a dollar a donut, so you’ll see people coming out with boxes and boxes of the stuff. Keep your eye out, especially in casinos like Treasure Island.

These are just some of the best kept secrets about Las Vegas. I definitely recommend adding it to your bucket list! Have you been to Vegas? Any secrets you’d like to add to this post? Make sure you leave your input in the comments section. Thanks for reading!


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