How To Get The Back To School Feeling Without Going Back To School


Sorry to be there bearer of bad news, but summer has come to an end. Labour day is upon us and with that comes the beginning of a new school year. You know, that exciting time when you start fresh, buy new school supplies and make new friends?! It has always been one of my favourite times of year. But with adult life and the fortunate (yet unfortunate) fact that I’m not heading back to school, how do you hang on to that new school year, fresh start, bouquet of sharpened pencil feeling? Alas, here are some of my thoughts:

Clean Out Your Closet – This is one of my ultimate refreshers. I used to do this each and ever year about a week before school started. Clean out all those old outfits that I wasn’t wearing anymore, organize everything and prepare for the new year. It’s like a second New Year’s Eve of the year. Time for a fresh start. I didn’t only do my closet but I usually did my whole room. Cleaning out my bookshelves, desk drawers, and everything in between really allowed me to de-stress and make my room and cozy and comfortable place that I enjoyed spending time in. Cleanliness is key for my relaxation and it really started my school year out right. I still use the end of the summer and beginning of September as a closet clearing time.
Get Back To Routine – Summer time gets you caught up in a lot last minute plans, weekends away at cottages, poor eating and extra drinks on the patio. So use September and the back to school time to get back into those routines you had prior to the summer. Get to the gym more, get back to packing your lunch for work, use the weekends to de-stress and unwind at home. By all means, don’t give up your fun social life, but get back to the routine of “me” time.

Set Goals – The school year is a great time to set some goals. Whether it’s studying goals, grade goals, even sports team goals; September is a time to set goals. You don’t need to be going back to school to set yourself some goals. While you’re clearing out your closet and getting back into a routine set yourself some goals. Treat them like New Year’s resolutions even! This season I’m getting back to focusing on my health and fitness. The past week has seen me back in gear and kicking butt!! I’m already reaching some goals and setting new ones. It’s got me in that new school year feeling.

Treat September like the second January of the year. Time to restart, refresh, and take on this new month with a happiness, determination and excitement no matter what the new month brings for you!! Good luck in school my friends, and have fun continuing on with your refresh!!


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