Beauty Habits You Need As A Twenty-Something


When you move from your teens to your twenties, your skin does change. It tends to become less oily. Meaning that it can dry out a lot more. The hormonal and teenage spots tend to go too. But you can still develop adult acne. So it makes sense to change up your skincare routine every now and again. You want to be able to stay on top of these things so that they don’t go crazy or get out of control.

When you are in your twenties, your hormones are meant to have sorted themselves out. It is the perfect time to have great looking, dewy skin. Around your period, though, the change of hormone levels can mean some spots around that time. Your twenties are also the time to get a good skincare routine in place. What do you with your skin can determine how your skin will look as you get older. So make sure you are making some good habits now, to have good habits later. Here are some things that you can be doing now, to care for your skin later in life

Always Take Your Makeup Off at Night

This is the cardinal sin of skincare! I know it can be hard sometimes. You’re tired and just want to get to bed. But being able to remove your makeup will make the world of difference. It lets your skin breathe and stops pores from clogging. The natural oils in your skin can do their thing so that your skin doesn’t dry out. Cleansing and moisturizing are key for good skin and need to be done each night. So always, always take your makeup off before you go to bed.

Use Sunscreen

It can be tricky to see the damage that the sun can do when you are young. The thing is, though, sun damage adds up. You don’t see the full effects until later on. So who knows that damage you will be doing to your skin until it is too late. So use a sunscreen all year round. Yes, you can even get sun damage when it is cloudy! One of the easiest ways to remember to wear a sunscreen is getting a foundation with an SPF factor in it. Then you know you are protected on your face, just from your everyday makeup routine. If you think you are starting to see the signs of ageing on your face, then there are things you can do. You could start with having a facial peel, for example. A clinic like those of Dr Leah could be a good place to start. Then you could have them regularly if you need to.

Care For Around Your Eyes

We can all get tired with studies, work, relationships and just general life. But it can become evident in the circles under your eyes. They can become dark and puffy. So unless that is a look that you want to rock, you should get yourself an eye cream. That area is very delicate, so a normal cream won’t always do the job. Drinking plenty of water is a great way to keep that area looking clear and fresh too.

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