Top 5 – September


We’re already more than halfway into October and I’ve just realized it’s no longer August. Whoops! No favourites for that month I guess. Life has been hectic lately (what’s new). I’ve moved job locations and although it’s still in the same job it’s been a bit of a learning curve and really long hours. I’m also studying my butt off for some testing coming up in a week for a new career change….which I’m keeping to myself for now (sorry, just not into what other people have to say about it at the moment). So with all this craziness there have been few moments to myself. But let me route through my makeup drawers to pick 5 products that I’ve been loving lately.

On a recent shopping trip with my two besties we wandered into a random Rexall to see if there were any awesome drugstore makeup deals. Not so much, but I did come across the Nyx Foundation Brush, which I’m sure I’ve seen before but probably never paid any attention to. I’ve been looking for something a little bit looser and fluffier for my liquid foundation application. As much as I love my Beauty Blender its a lot of work for an every day work face so ultimately I still prefer brushes. I’ve been really loving this one.

With my increasingly crazy and stressful schedule and the 10 hours a day + 2 hours in the gym life I’ve been leading, I’ve needed a few things to help me relax and help my tense muscles. So for this I’ve been relying on the Saje Stress Release Mist which helps to relax me around the house, the Bath and Body Works Lavender Chamomile Pillow Spray to help relax me at night, and A535 rub to help with my muscles aches and pains. The combination has me un-tensing and relaxing into some great sleeps and some well needed rest the past few weeks.

And finally the Lush Breath of Fresh Air . I’ve used this for awhile now but recently when I realized my bottle was almost empty I really started using it more often to get it over and done with. Yet of course, as it does each time I do this, I fall in love with the product all over again and instantly replace the empty bottle even though I have a million other products to get through. I just love the refreshing spritz of this across my face when I get out of the shower every day.

What have you been loving lately?




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