A-List Mingling in Glamorous European Sites


Ah, the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. We seem to be endlessly entranced with them, like they’re a whole other species that we’re studying as if observing from afar. They live lives of wealth and privilege that most of us can only dream of – but that doesn’t mean we don’t want a taste of it every now and then.

While we may not be able to stretch to the private chefs and the chauffeured limousines, there is one way we can grab a sample of the celeb life. Most of us are already used to sending a chunk of cash on a holiday, so every once in awhile, push the boat out – perhaps even literally.

Europe is a great favorite of the A List. There’s something old-world glamor about being on the continent, and it’s full of established haunts. So if you’re ready to step into celeb shoes for a week at a time, what sort of destinations should you pick – even for just a day?

Klosters, Switzerland

If you like your winter getaways, then the Alpine resort at Klosters in Switzerland should be your starting point. On the outside, there is little to differentiate this quaint Swiss town from anywhere else along the Alps – except for the clientele. Long a choice of both the British royal family, it appeals also to the movie elite. The association has gone so far as to be nicknamed “Hollywood on the Rocks“.

Known Visitors: Charlie Chaplin, John Travolta, Robert DeNiro, Emma Watson. Quite the mix, then!

The Italian Lakes

There are few areas in the world more picturesque than the Italian lakes. If you like a little old-world charm mixed with a blissful relaxing holiday, it should be where you focus your holiday plans. The lakes are glacial in origin, set in the Lombardy region of Italy, and boast stunning panoramic views set alongside a touch of luxury. Experience it for yourself with bookings available at Italian Lakes mansions.

Known Visitors: Think of your favorite actors. If they make films, there’s a chance they have been to Cannes. It’s not just the movie elite, however. The likes of Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber and Lana Del Rey are also noted visitors.

Saint Tropez, France

A little further down the coast of the French Riviera and you’ll find Saint Tropez. Now also famous for a self-tanning treatment, Saint Tropez is perfect if you like your holidays to involve the water. Hire a yacht and explore the glorious sunshine, taking a dip in the azure waters to cool down. Come evening, head ashore for one of the richest party scenes in Europe.

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