Benefit Gimme Brow


It’s not often that I put my trust in others with regards to my eyebrows. After several years of over plucking and over waxing in my teenage years, I’ve been going it alone and been very happy with the results for about 5 years now. But with my life being as crazy as it is lately I seem to have been slacking in my brow grooming and they took on a  life of their own. It was time to seek a professionals help. And who better than the professionals at the Benefit Brow Bar, am I right?

This was my first experience with the Benefit professionals, although not my first experience with Benefit products. I knew that Benefit was the brand to go to for brows, so fingers crossed I dove right in. I met with Kayla at the Hillcrest Mall Sephora and she set my brows straight. Every other brow experience I’ve had just went for it, but Kayla talked to me about what I like, how I care for my brows, and mapped them out for optimal growing between this appointment and next. So much care was put into it. Then a little bit of wax, little bit of pluck, and she soothingly cared for my red eyes and made them look fabulous to walk out of there.

And of course, without being pushy I might add, she suggested a new product to add to what I’m already using. She agreed that my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz was one of the best products out there, but to add to it she suggested the Benefit Gimme Brow. It’s the perfect brow gel to help shape your brows and keep them in place, as well as adding a little more oomph and colour, but not too much! Thats the important part. Most gels I’ve used make me look like I have plastic eyebrows. This is perfect. She also suggested a great technique of brushing your brows backwards, starting from the outside and working in. This really improves your brows, trust me!!

All in all and amazing experience that I’m already excited to repeat!



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