How To Save Money on Travel

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If you want to travel often, then the chances are that you need to work out how to do that on a budget. You need to make your money stretch, as you most likely won’t be working to earn money as you travel. So if a couple of trips a year are your thing, you need to figure out how to do it more cheaply. Here are a few ideas for you.

Earn Air Miles

When you are at home, there are many credit cards that give you air miles when you spend on them. You still need to budget accordingly, to make sure that you can repay the credit card. But if you are paying for things you would be buying anyway (groceries and gas, for example). Then it is a no brainer to be getting more more your money. Air miles quickly add up and can often give you several free flights. You will pay tax still on longer haul flights. But air miles are very cost effective for short haul flights for sure. Check out WalletHub for more. 

Save on Accommodation
If you have managed to use air miles for your flights and plan to cook your own food, then the big expense is accomodation. There are all sorts of places that you can stay cheaply. Places like Airbnb are big deals these days. Staying in someone’s home makes the travel much more affordable. So if this is the type of thing for you, maybe look into it, along with house swap websites. If you are visiting cities then there is an abundance of villas and hotels you could choose from. But one of the cheaper ways to stay in a city is at a hostel. The key to looking for accommodation is looking for deals. So even though a hostel would be cheaper than a hotel, you can still find great deals on Hostels. Just ‘shop’ around and look for discounts and offers.

Don’t Hire a Car

Travel when you are at your destination can be another expense. But if you plan your itinerary well, there isn’t always a need to hire a car. Some locations you will need to. But for many places like city breaks, you won’t need to at all. Are there other options for you to choose from to hire? Hiring a bike or a moped could be much cheaper than a car. You could also just travel as the locals do, using trains and buses. If you are touring a city, then you could just walk everywhere. Plan how long the walking will take and plan your route. It will take preparation but will save you a lot of money. You could look into free walking tours or hiking tours for out of city destinations.


If you are to eat out everyday, then your spend on food could be astronomical. The cheapest thing to do is to buy and cook your own food. You would be spending money cooking your own food if you were at home, so it won’t be too much different. If you do want to eat local food, look for food markets or street food carts. They will be significantly cheaper than sit-down restaurants.

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