Do Work and Travel Mix?


Making money is a constant problem of the seasoned traveler. The question is always in the back of one’s mind;  “how do I fund the next trip?” The conventional wisdom is that work and travel don’t go well together. There are all the regulations, the taxation and a host of other problems. But should that put you off? Is it impossible to combine work with travel?

The answer, you’ll be pleased to find out is a resounding “yes.”  Work and travel DO mix! Here are just some of the opportunities available to people who want to work while traveling abroad.

Teach English

English is the language of business. As a result, there’s massive demand from the non-English speaking world to learn it. The cool thing about teaching English is that in many countries, you don’t have to have certification. Pretty much anybody can walk in and try his or her hand at teaching. Countries like South Korea and Thailand tend to be particularly receptive to teaching applicants.

Resort Work

No traveler’s job search would be complete without first investigating resort work. After all, that’s where are the holidaymakers are going anyway, right? To get a job as a resort worker, you need to be able to fulfill some basic requirements. Most resorts need people who are older than 18. They need to have experience working with the public. And they need the basics of education, including English and math. You’ll also help your case enormously if you’re able to speak the local language of your chosen destination. Reps earn around $600 to $800 per month. And in most poorer countries, that’s enough to get by.

Act In Foreign Films And Dramas

It might sound a little odd, but some adventurers get money by taking part in local TV shows and dramas. Often, scouts will be on the lookout in places like India for extras. There’s also a demand for film extras in places like Kenya. The money isn’t fantastic, but it’s enough to make it worthwhile.

Become A House Sitter

House sitters usually don’t get paid in cash. Instead, the owner of the house lets them live there for free while they’re away. House sitters are in demand all over the world. But they’re especially sought after in places with massive wealth inequality. There’s big demand right now from countries like Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico.

Usually, the work is periodic. You might be asked to sit a house once per week or one per month on a recurring basis. GlobetrotterGirls and Hecktic Travels are blogs where you can find out more about this.

Design Websites

Designing websites might not sound particularly travel related. But you’d be surprised by just how many opportunities you encounter. You can also prospect for new business while you’re away. Say, for instance, you’re staying in a hotel in Bangalore, India. Perhaps you notice that the hotel doesn’t have the best website. Offer to build them a new website if they allow you to stay with them for free for a couple of weeks.

You can also prospect hotels in the local area, even if the one you’re staying at thinks its website is fine. Businesses are often willing to pay up to $500 for a decent site.

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