Here’s Why Underwear Matters!

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Most people are completely unaware of how much the underwear they wear really matters. The truth is, it can make a huge difference to our health and the way we feel. Let’s take a look at a few reasons you should be selective with your underwear:

Underwear Affects Your Outerwear

This one might seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning anyway. Underwear can affect outerwear in a big way. Wearing the wrong bra might mean that the cups and straps show unattractively through your dress or top. Showing off your bra straps is never a classy look! Then you have the issue of the visible panty line. There are all kinds of different bras and pants, suited for different outfits. It’s nice to go for comfort, but if you’re wearing a slinky dress, this shouldn’t be your first concern. Make sure you take the time to pick the right underwear set. Freya bras and lingerie have some good examples of sets that go nicely under all kinds of outfits.

Ingrown Hairs

Did you know that wearing tight pants can cause ingrown hairs? Ingrown hairs aren’t really dangerous, but they can be very itchy and annoying. They don’t exactly look wonderful either. If you shave your bikini area, then you stand even more chance of getting them when you wear tight underwear. You don’t want your pants to hang off you, but they shouldn’t be rubbing you or cutting off your circulation.


Yeast Infections

Not only can tight pants cause ingrown hairs, they can cause yeast infections. Potentially other infections too. Tight pants, and mainly thongs are the worst culprits for this. You need to let yourself breathe, girls! This doesn’t mean you should swan around without wearing any underwear. You should, however, make sure your underwear is made from a breathable fabric. It’s a good idea to sleep commando too, if you can.

Digestion Issues

Many of us have tried out shape control underwear at one point or another. It can help us to create a waist when wearing a tight dress, slim lumps and bumps, and just give us that extra confidence boost we need. However, wearing control underwear too much can cause digestion issues. Not only that, as it can be difficult to remove, ladies often wait longer to go to the toilet. This creates a whole host of different problems to consider! Although wearing shaping underwear once in a while shouldn’t be too much trouble, wearing it too often is not recommended for your health.

Did you realise that your underwear mattered so much? Most women don’t, so don’t worry if this is all news to you. The best thing you can do is choose underwear in a breathable fabric that fits properly from now on. Of course, selecting underwear in a nice colour and pattern is important too. You want to feel your best in it, so you should make sure you love it and that it makes you feel good. Health first, aesthetics second. That’s how it should always be!

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  1. This was really eye opening, it shows that its not always just about the look of the underwear. Underwear can affect us in different ways


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