Wedding Locations for the Avid Traveller


Getting married is far from just booking the local church and heading to the gold club for a party. While that is fine for some couples, other people are looking to add a more unique touch to their big day. Some people are opting for more elaborate venues, and others are jumping on a plane and letting the location do all the work. It’s actually becoming a popular choice for many couples these days who want to take some of the stress away from wedding planning. So if you are a bit of an avid traveller then I thought these destinations might just be up your street for your big day.

New York

If you want a dramatic backdrop for your wedding pictures then what better place to do it that New York city. Full of modern skyscrapers and the picturesque scene of central park there is much to love about this place. As a wedding location there are plenty of iconic wedding venues you could consider for the ceremony and the reception space. This would suit a couple looking for a modern wedding with a real city vibe and twist.


If you are a couple that love a relaxed vibe then considering a beach wedding would be your best bet, and what better place to do it than Hawaii. Say “aloha” to all your wedding guests and enjoy a wonderful day with beautiful blue waters to set your wedding pictures apart from the rest. Hawaii has a great relaxed party vibe, so perfect for the couple who are just wanting to enjoy their day with little or no stress involved. Besides, a destination like this could be a once in a lifetime. Like your wedding day should be. 


Wanting the best of both worlds can be difficult to obtain. But if you love a city and beach atmosphere then perhaps considering a place like Barcelona would be the perfect option. Covering the sensational city views and a wonderful white sandy beach to enjoy there is simply not much you can’t love about this place. It would give your guests a break to remember.


One of the most romantic cities in the world, so what better place to commit to your partner for life. There are some amazing venue spaces with stunning backdrops for your wedding in Rome. There is all the ambience of romance and iconic settings that there isn’t much you can’t fall in love with. Not to mention the tasty italian food that could be served as part of your wedding breakfast.

The Maldives

Finally, more popular for the honeymoon choice why not combine the two and get married in The Maldives. You could pick a beautiful setting under the stars or even consider something more modern like an over water villa to say your nuptials. This means you could save a little bit of money by combining the wedding and the honeymoon into one lavish celebration. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate everyday with their nearest and dearest.

I hope these locations have inspired you to consider somewhere different your special day.

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